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Átlagos tanóra


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Typical Class

2 x 45 min.

I. Warm up:

Scientists have proven that when adults use a language that is not their mother tongue, they use the other side of their brain. This transition requires a warming up period that can be assisted by 5-minute warm up activities. Without such activities, it would take students more time to absorb new information.
Some types of activities include: games, telling a story, tongue twisters, making students talk for a few minutes.

II. Vocabulary review:

By choosing problem words from previous classes, the teacher can call these words to account. This can be part of the warm up activity, but our teachers strive to use them during the whole class.

III. Homework:

After correcting the homework prior to class, our teachers touch upon problems that they found and review material if necessary. They may have to change the lesson plan if more review is necessary.

IV. Course Material/ Pre-planned material:

 (The majority of the class)

Topic, grammar, articles, communication activities, games

V. Activation:

 We ask the students questions and make them use the words and grammar from the course material. Both students and teachers act things out if possible. Our teachers get the students to hear, see, say and act out the new material, thereby helping them to retain and actively be able to use as much of the new material as possible.

VI. Cool down:

This stage of the class consists of one or two very short and fun activities. The teachers at Magna Lingua realize the importance of developing all four skills during a lesson. (Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing.) Whatever skill was omitted from the class to this point would be covered in the warm down.

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Typical class